Tallahassee iPhone Repair Pros

Same Day Service

Bring your device in to our Tallahassee store today and get it fixed while you wait! No waiting for hours, grab a coffee and it’s done in an hour or less.

Full Warranty

We provide a sixty day warranty with all our repairs so you can rest assured if anything goes wrong we’re here to make it right.

Transparent Pricing

We keep all our prices transparent and as reasonable as we can while maintaining quality. Know exactly how much it’s going to cost you, what we’re fixing and any other details any time, just swing by!


Call (850) 999-5785 To Book Your Repair Today!

Finding a quality cell phone repair shop in Tallahassee FL can be a tricky situation. Most people depend heavily on their iPhone and even one day without instant access to their contacts or email can cause a big
inconvenience for work/career or just in terms of logistics and getting around. So when your battery lasts 3 hours, or your device can’t hold a charge – or even if that crack in your iPhone screen is annoying you, we
know you need a solution ASAP.Our technicians are trained almost excessively before they even place a hand on a customers iPhone and we’ve gone out of our way to find the highest quality replacement components.

While we can’t legally claim to use original Apple parts, we can assure you that we use the best replica parts available on the market. Additionally, all our service and parts are covered by an iron-clad sixty day warranty. If anything goes wrong with the exception of water or physical damage we’ll stand behind our work. If it’s going to become defective, it will normally happen within the first sixty days anyways.

iPhone Screen Repair In Tallahassee, FL

The most popular repair is certainly fixing cracked or broken iPhone screens or glass and we can certainly do that within 60 minutes in most cases. However we also stock a variety of smaller components that have also been known to become defective. Batteries and charging ports are known to become problems in older devices due to wear and tear and luckily those are not hard to replace and can also be done while you wait. iPhone 4 and 5’s specifically are known to have charging port problems due to years of wear. The actual lithium-ion battery itself is also not intuitive to replace and will naturally lose it’s lifespan in about a year. If all other physical functions are working, and all your suffering through is bad battery life bring it on in and we’ll have it working like new the same day.

Broken / Unresponsive iPhone Home Buttons

Another common problem Tallahassee customers come to us with is a ‘sticky’ or unresponsive home or power button. The internal ribbon cable between these buttons and the logic board can become worn or disconnected.
This is probably one of the more frustrating issues people can have with their iPhone and we’ve helped dozens of people with it. We can simply replace the home button assembly which always fixes the problem. It’s also one of the most inexpensive repairs so feel free to bring your iPhone by our shop any day of the week.

Can I Fix My Own Broken iPhone Screen?

If you are technical enough you can definitely learn to fix your own iPhone just like you can build your own desktop computer. Quality components can be hard to find and getting all the tiny screws back in place correctly may take some practice but it certainly can be done. If you’re interested in purchasing some extra replacement screens or batteries, let us know and we may be able to spare a few depending on our stock and demand level.